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One of the benefits of having a Samsung device is that your can easily find the official stock firmware for it and it is even easier to install the official firmware on your Samsung Android device. When it is easier to revert back to the stock settings by flashing an official firmware, it gives you the confidence to take little risks such as flashing a custom recovery, rooting your device, or installing a custom ROM. In case anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to restore the stock firmware and fix your device.

If you own a Samsung device and have tried to tinker with it, you probably would have heard of the tool called Odin. It is used for flashing official Samsung firmware on Samsung Galaxy series or other Samsung device. It has capabilities of communicating with Samsung devices in download mode (also called Odin mode.) Before getting straight to the links to download Odin, let’s talk about what is Odin first.

What is Odin?

Odin is a small flashing utility said to be developed by Samsung for its internal engineering use only. There’s no account of Samsung ever having officially released Odin tool to the general public. It is believed that the tool made its way into the wild through an unintentional leak. Odin is used to flash an official firmware, custom ROM, custom or official recoveries, root packages, or kernels. It’s one of the most popular ways to unbrick Samsung devices. You can download Odin for Windows only and there is no official support for other operating systems. However, you can use Wineskin on the Odin to run it under OS X. Mac and Linux users can use Heimdall or the Java-based version of the Odin tool. Odin download links can be found below.

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While most of the latest Android devices have a Bootloader mode to accept Fastboot commands, Samsung devices are bit different in that respect. Samsung devices require different keys combination to boot into Download or Odin mode and the recovery mode. Odin tool requires your device to be in Download / Odin mode in order to identify the connected device, communicate with it, and flash the files with .tar or .tar.md5 extension.

Download Odin for Samsung

Please note that your Samsung device drivers must properly be installed before you can use Odin to flash a firmware, recovery, kernel, or a root package.
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Odin has evolved over time and now has a huge list of versions. The success rate of flashing files with Odin differs from version to version. It is advised to either user Odin version recommended by the guide you are following or use Odin v1.85, Odin v3.09, or Odin 3.10.

Here are the links to download Odin for Samsung devices:

Samsung firmware flashing tools for Mac OS X or Linux

If you’ve a computer running Mac OS X or Linux operating system, you can use the following tools to flash Samsung official firmware on Samsung devices, root packages, or .tar files:

Features of Odin for Samsung

Odin for Samsung Galaxy lineup and other devices allows users to perform the following actions with their Android-based devices:

  • Flash Stock Rom: Odin become a really handy tool when something wrong has happened to the software on your Samsung device, for example, it is stuck in the bootloop. Using Odin, one can flash the official stock firmware that come straight from Samsung in a few clicks to restore the device to its original factory state.
  • Flash Custom Rom: Want to install a custom ROM on your Samsung device? No problem. Using Odin, you can flash any custom ROM that has been packaged inside a .tar file.
  • Flash Recovery (stock/custom): Just like the official or custom firmware, Odin also allows Samsung users to flash both the custom or official recoveries on their phone or tablet.
  • Flash Root Packages: Want to root your Samsung device? You can easily flash a root package on your Samsung device using Odin downloader.
  • Flash Kernels: Odin also allows Samsung users to flash Kernels or other custom mods on their Samsung devices.

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  1. One of the good things about Samsung devices is the easy availability of stock firmwares and an even easier method for flashing them. It gives you the confidence to take little risks like flashing CF-Root kernels or a custom recovery because always know that if anything goes wrong, you ll be able to restore the stock firmware and fix your device.

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