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Here we are going to show you how to check what iPhone model do you have using the iPhone model number printed on the back of your device. While most of you would already know which model of iPhone you own, but not everyone does, and you often come across an iPhone and you won’t be able to identify it. For instance, it’s hard to distinguish an iPhone 4 from an iPhone 4s, same is the case with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. So the next step to find the iPhone model is to check its model number and compare that against the list of devices posted below to check what model that iPhone actually is.

Checking iPhone model using its model number has its advantages in scenarios like when the iPhone is turned off, dead, broken, bricked due to software issues, or stuck in recovery or DFU mode. Despite the fact that above mentioned issues won’t let you boot into the device’s operating system, you still be able to identify what you are working with. This becomes an invaluable information in the time of iPhone repair, replacing its components and also when restoring a new software version in downloading the proper firmware file for your device.

How to Check iPhone model with iPhone model Number

To identify your iPhone, you first have to find its model number and then compare that number with a list of iPhone models. Below we have discussed both steps:

Find iPhone Model Number

iphone model number

  1. Flip your iPhone.
  2. On its back, look at the small printed text below the iPhone label.
  3. Make note of the text that reads “Model XXXXX”. This is the model number of your iPhone.
  4. Compare this model number against the list below.

List of iPhone Models

Here is a list of iPhone models along with its model number, the technology these models support and the identifiers of each iPhone variant to help you decide which iPhone iOS firmware to download for your model.

If your iPhone model is missing from the list, please let us know in the comments.

iPhone ModelModel NumberTechnologyIdentifier
iPhone 6sModel A1633CDMA + GSMiPhone8,1
Model A1688CDMA + GSMiPhone8,1
Model A1700CDMA + GSMiPhone8,1
iPhone 6s PlusModel A1634CDMA + GSMiPhone8,2
Model A1687CDMA + GSMiPhone8,2
Model A1699China MobileiPhone8,2
iPhone 6Model A1549CDMA + GSMiPhone7,2
Model A1586Sprint, GlobaliPhone7,2
Model A1589China MobileiPhone7,2
iPhone 6 PlusModel A1522CDMA + GSMiPhone7,1
Model A1524Sprint, GlobaliPhone7,1
Model A1593China MobileiPhone7,1
iPhone 5sModel A1453CDMA + GSMiPhone6,1
Model A1457CDMA + GSMiPhone6,2
Model A1518CDMA + GSMiPhone6,2
Model A1528CDMA + GSMiPhone6,2
Model A1530CDMA + GSMiPhone6,2
Model A1533GSM + CDMAiPhone6,1
iPhone 5cModel A1456CDMA + GSMiPhone5,3
Model A1507CDMA + GSMiPhone5,4
Model A1516CDMA + GSMiPhone5,4
Model A1529CDMA + GSMiPhone5,4
Model A1532CDMA + GSM iPhone5,3
iPhone 5Model A1428GSMiPhone5,1
Model A1429CDMA + GSMiPhone5,2
Model A1442CDMA + GSMiPhone5,2
iPhone 4sModel A1431CDMA + GSMiPhone4,1
Model A1387CDMA + GSMiPhone4,1
iPhone 4Model A1349CDMAiPhone3,3
GSM (Rev.A)iPhone3,2
Model A1332GSMiPhone3,1
iPhone 3gsModel A1325GSMiPhone2,1
Model A1303GSMiPhone2,1
iPhone 3gModel A1324GSMiPhone1,2
Model A1241GSMiPhone1,2
iPhone 2gModel A1203GSMiPhone1,1

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